Our team and mission

Training alongside other people pushes us to maximize the value of our workouts, but finding a compatible partner and setting up regular times and locations to workout can be difficult, if not impossible. The Ghost Pacer glasses, which allow users to race outdoors against a holographic avatar in real-time, was built to be the ultimate running partner- one that users could run with effectively at their convenience. Our team of dedicated runners and engineers has spent three years and tens of thousands of work hours developing this mixed reality headset to be optimized for the running experience, and we are very excited to bring the workout partner of the future to runners everywhere!

AbdurRahman Bhatti

CEO and Co-Founder

Jensen Turner

CTO and Co-Founder

Toshihiro Nagase

Chief Operating Officer

Izak Lewis

Lead App Developer

Siddharth Hathi

Chief Design Officer

Georgia Joers

Marketing Consultant

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